UZI 68-Round Drums
Now Available!
Price: $369.95 + $17.50 S+H+I
Shipped By Priority Mail
Anywhere In The USA!
(Void Where Restricted)

Above: UZI Drum – Front View

Above: UZI Drum – Rear View

Above: UZI Drum – Inside View

Just Say NO To Scarce & Overpriced Low-Capacity UZI .45-ACP Mags!

Check Out Our UZI Grease-Gun-Mag Trigger-Group

Also Available In Full-Auto
(For Qualified Individuals)

Price: $349.95 + $13.50 S+H+I
Shipped By Priority Mail
Anywhere In The USA!
(Void Where Restricted)

We Have Modified M3 Grease-Gun-Mags Machined To Fit The UZI Magazine-Well When Using The Above Trigger-Group For $59.95 Each.
Please Call Or E-Mail Us For Quantity Pricing And Customizing.

Action Arms Ltd.

Your “One-Stop-UZI-Shop”

“We Never Close!” (Except To Sleep)

Due To A Computer Meltdown, This Site Has Had Incorrect Contact Info Until Now.
We Also Moved To A New Location

We Will Also Overhaul This Site During The Next 30-Days.

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All our UZI parts meet or EXCEED original IMI-Israel specifications. Custom UZI parts are built to order! We advertise the largest assortment new and reconditioned legal UZI Gun parts in the USA on the website: We also do private, non-auction sales. & custom-made parts. If you dont see it on GunBroker, give us a shout, or drop us an e-mail. We may be able to get you what you want or need in legal UZI parts. Many of our specialized applications were never available from Israeli UZI’s.

Most of our parts are purchased manufacture direct, so there is no middleman involved. We also do reconditioning of useless full-auto UZI-SMG Gun parts and return them back to legal semi-auto usable UZI carbine and large and medium frame handgun parts. For you legal full-auto UZI lovers, we will bring the same trigger groups back to their proper specs, and completely refinish them for your LICENSED & REGISTERED machinegun.

We also cater to LEGAL machinegun owners for their parts-only needs, and to Class-I FLL importers, Class-II FLL manufacturers, and Class-III dealers for their parts & consulting needs. We do not promote, condone, nor aid, and/nor abet any illegal activities, so please don’t ask us how to do illegal, full-auto conversions. If you don’t have a Class-II FLL –– a type-07 or type-10 manufacturers FLL, or if you haven’t taken the time to do academic study of the Federal laws and Codes of Federal Regulations pertaining to Class-II and Class-III weapons, you are inviting yourself to a long jail sentence, a large monetary fine, and the loss of your rights to own firearms for the remainder of your natural life!


We do not accept PayPal For Any Payments Of Our Products Or Services.
We Have Been Defrauded By Rip-Off Artists Several Times And It Cost Us Thousands Of Dollars.
PayPal Was A Knowing And Willing Participant In The Fraud And Did Nothing To Help Us.

I am truly sorry for this inconvenience, but the criminal activities had to stop. I will not deal with businesses or people that promulgate dishonesty and refuse to back up their sellers! This is in addition to PayPal’s “gun-hatred policy.” Although I would prefer to stick in their craw and flaunt using their money to sell gun parts, the fraud propensity is now too great to run an honest business.

PayPal and eBay are illegal monopolies, and I will deal with that problem in my own good time –– in the Federal Court system –– and so should you! But for now you (my customers) come first.

Since the ballot box is useless, and the cartridge box is too extreme, the Jury Box is the only resort left. There is no statute of limitations on Federal racketeering statutes (my cousin “RICO”). We have plenty of time to fix their problems.

Mark@Action Arms Ltd.


Action Arms Ltd.

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Payment Options:

Please note: We cannot accept PayPal for any payments –– especially since we deal with gun-related materials, parts, accessories, and parts kits. In my personal experience involving eBay, they allowed several malcontents to commit wire and credit-card fraud. There was no recourse. Therefore, I do not honor their services.


Since most of you have dealt W/ me honestly in the past, this is my current payment policy:

  1. Your personal checks are always welcome.

    • I haven’t had a bad one yet, and back in the 1990’s when I was an FLL dealer, and I didn’t have a bad one then either.

    • Personal checks take a maximum of only three (3) business days to clear –– NOT THREE WEEKS like many vendors advertise.

  2. Direct deposits to my bank:

    • My bank has thousands of branches throughout the USA and there is probably one in your State

    • Upon completion of a transaction, and if you choose, I can e-mail my account # and bank name for a direct deposit. You can use cash, check, or other payment methods you have at your disposal

  3. Money-Orders:

    • I take all domestic and foreign Money-Orders drawn on U.S.-Dollars/U.S.-Funds. Please make sure you keep the stub and make me sign for the mail to insure delivery.

    • U.S. Postal Money-Orders (for U.S. customers) are good because I can cash them at the Post Office and drop them in the bank the same day and process your order 10-X faster.

    • I have had no trouble with Canadian or other foreign Money-Orders –– feel free to use them anytime.

    • Cashiers checks and certified funds are always welcome too

  4. Wire transfers:

    • My bank sticks me for $15.00 for a wire-transfer fee, so try to use it for big ticket items.

    • For orders at or over $300.00 USD, I’ll eat $5.00 of that fee.

    • For orders over $500.00 USD, I’ll eat $10.00 of that fee/

    • For orders over $750.00 no wire-transfer fee will be charged

    • BidPay® is no longer in business to process to process credit-card orders.

Action Arms Ltd., incorporated in St. Louis MO since 2004, now owns One-Stop-UZI-Shop (advertized on as a subsidiary of this new parent company.

This is a brand-new corporation and it is not affiliated with the original defunct Philadelphia, PA importer of the same name.